Happy 2018!

DUS Hawkeye posted Aug 9, 17

First off I'd like to wish everyone here at DUS – whether you're visiting HQ for the first time or have been a member for many years – a very warm beginning to 2018! I hope the festive season continues to be an absolute blast. The new year has been around for less than a day though already there are numerous changes being made, games being announced to look forward to and new opportunities arising. Listed below are just a few things you can expect to see around HQ in 2018: 

1. New Website Theme (2018):

The last theme we implemented got the ball rolling with the current theme you're seeing around the place. For a while I've been searching for something that can accommodate all the games we play whilst maintaining a nice polished feel. Hopefully this will encourage an easier experience on HQ as a whole. The layout of all pages is the same as previously to ensure navigation remains familiar. 

2. DUS T-Shirts and Clan Gear:

As some of you might remember there was a thread posted in 2017 about the possibility of some DUS themed gear being made. Now that we have our new logo some of the graphics team have been working it into several mock designs which will later be posted for everyone to view and critique. Eventually we're hoping that something might come of the designs in late February or early March just in time for the first main drop of 2018's game titles and expansions. 

3. The DUS Narrative:

New year, new chapter. Now that I myself have caught up on the journey that is "DUS - Our Story" I've begun work on expanding it to include something of an 'origins' story for different members before their time at DUS. Think of it as some form of prequel spinoff. As well as this be sure to keep coming back for the main installments of Our Story that can be found in the forums, all of which continue to delve deeper into what it means to be a part of DUS. 

4. DUS Updates:

It's been apparently obvious that the DUS Update fell of the rails towards the end of 2017 due to outside commitments and time constraints. Well, as of next week, it will be making a return to the forums with more content than a $25 DLC and more depth than the entirety of Star Wars Battlefront 2. Be sure not to miss it!

So all in all 2018 is already shaping up to be a huge year for us. I'd just like to thank personally everyone I've had the pleasure of meeting and gaming with this past year I've been here, as well as those who drop in with the occasional message on Slack. May your year be full of opportunity and success! 


DUS Stevo a Love the new look Hawk (and anyone associated with it). Heres to an awesome 2018 for DUS!