Announcing the Halo Doubles Tournament (2019): 

Beginning in early 2019, DUS will be hosting an in-clan Halo Doubles tournament which will feature up to 8 squads battling it out in HSC style matches. The format of the competition will follow the bracketing system below, as well as; 

  • Pool Games – Best of 3 series with the winners advancing towards semi-finals 
  • Semi-Finals – Best of 5 series with the winners advancing to the grand final
  • Grand Final – Best of 7 series with the winners being crowned DUS Halo Champions 

Map rotations will follow the icons in the image below across a variety of Team Slayer, Capture the Flag and SWAT gametypes. Each match will be spectatable by all members who own a copy of Halo 5: Guardians and streamed over either Mixer or Twitch for the wider community. DUS members are encouraged to form teams and submit their duos to DUS unkown Haze before Jan 10th 2019 along with a team name and mantra.  

Joining DUS:

To begin your application process, please navigate to the "Apply to DUS" tab under navigation. In order to join The Downunder Squadron you must meet the following criteria and adhere to our clan values as per the relevant section of this thread. 

 Xbox LIVE Requirements:

  • Hold an active Xbox LIVE account and use that account to add existing members
  • Own a chat-enabled headset
  • Hold an active Xbox LIVE gold subscription
  • Do not have any outstanding Xbox LIVE bans – this includes communication bans

 Headquarters Requirements:

  • Record activity on the forum specifically at least once in a monthly period
  • Engage with events and other members around the Headquarters

 Discord Requirements:

  • Be a member of our Discord server which will be made available to you following induction
  • Communicate with other members and engage with content posted on Discord

 DUS Prefix:

At the end of the two-week induction period you will receive a message from one of our admin team regarding the outcome of your application to join DUS. If successful, you will be required to add the DUS prefix to your Xbox LIVE gamertag and Headquarters alias as soon as possible. 

 Prefix Requirements:

  • Must be all capital letters
  • Must include a space between the prefix and your name e.g. DUS Hawkeye
  • Must be added to your gamertag within a week of acceptance
  • Failure to adhere to the above or removal of the DUS prefix from your gamertag will result in immediate termination of your membership