About DUS

DUS Hawkeye a posted May 8, 17

Who We Are

Here at DUS we are a casual, fun, loving Xbox gaming community made up of Australia and New Zealand based members. We pride ourselves on providing a mature (18+ year olds), structured environment that caters for ALL your gaming needs.

Sticking with mainly AUS and NZ members means we alleviate a latency infested gaming experience. In saying that, DUS is a proud member of the GGN (Good Game Network) which is a group of great communities, whom mostly are USA based. We often get together for some great mixers and skirmishes. We were the first group from the Southern Hemisphere to ever be granted acceptance into the GGN, an achievement we hold high with pride.

Be sure to keep up with everything to do with DUS by reading our Weekly Updates here. 

We affiliate ourselves with other quality Australian and New Zealand communities, and have been around for 4+ years now with long term planning on being around for a lot longer. Please feel free to make this your one stop gaming shop - your new virtual home, joining us as we embark on a new adventure into the next generation of gaming - The Xbox One.

Platforms and Titles
We offer a player base that can and will span throughout whatever titles you wish to play on the Xbox One, the Xbox 360 and even the PC. If we don't have a division set up for a game you really like, then come on down and make it your own! We’ll be more than happy to help you out in getting it started. We have many players that play multiple types of games - shooters may be our main preference but we do dabble in almost all genres.

We also have players that play a select few titles often. These lads and lasses tend to be our more skilled and competitive individuals. So if you’d like to improve your game, in whatever it is, just ask – we offer plenty of 1 on 1 practice training sessions for all our DUS family.

As with many gaming communities our roots go right back to Halo 2 and 3, with Halo Reach being the foundation that gave birth to the DUS community as you now see it. We’re now at a point where we all want DUS to be so much more.

We’re proud of what we’ve got going here, and as long as you're committed to enjoying your gaming experience with a great bunch of people, then you're more than welcome to come in and be a part of the DUS experience. So come on in, put your feet up, grab an ale and start hanging out with friends that you simply wouldn't find anywhere else.

Joining DUS:

If you’d like to join our ranks as either a member or an affiliate, simply click the "JOIN DUS!" tab at the top of the page and fill out an application form. Please note that new members are restricted by the following pre-requisites:

  • You MUST be 18 or older
  • Your application must be 100% complete
  • Your Enjin Profile MUST include an Xbox LIVE Gamertag (Under the Info Tab)
  • Your Enjin Profile MUST have a Profile / Avatar Picture Uploaded

Once your application has been accepted you will attain the beginner’s rank of Inductee. As an Inductee you will be placed on a 14 day probation period, during which you must do the following:
  • Introduce yourself in the Introductions thread in our forums
  • Visit the Members tab and start sending a few friends requests to current members (remember you can view gamertag details in each members profile under their ‘Info’ tab)
  • Play a few games with current DUS members who will then vouch for your activity once your probation period has ended.

Failure to do any of the above during your probation means you didn’t make the cut. Those that successfully pass their induction will be granted the rank of Recruit. Affiliates are not bound by any of the above – although it would make sense to at least link your Gamer Tag as per above instructions.

Code of Conduct:

DUS Members Should:
  • Be polite and courteous
  • Compliment other teams - win or lose
  • Compliment random teammates if they actually play as a team member
  • Keep our activity strong and positive
  • Wear our DUS badge with pride
  • Affiliate ourselves with like-minded people
  • Watch our language (fun/random games excepted, no bad language in the shoutbox as non-members can view this)
  • Be 100% responsible for the actions of non-DUS members on their friends list
  • Enjoy ourselves, have fun and have a good time

DUS Members Shouldn't:
  • Discriminate against race, age, religion or political views
  • Scream or Rage openly (if we’re having a bad day, simply turn off your headset please)
  • Send out hate messages
  • Unjustly effect anyone’s reputation
  • Putting down individuals
  • Affiliate ourselves with anyone that is against any of our key values

DUS Gamertag Prefix Requirement:

Once a member has received the rank of Recruit, they will have 1 month to amend their gamer tag to include the DUS Prefix. Your gamer tag will need to start with DUS (in capitals) followed by a space and then continue with the rest of your tag (eg. DUS CYBER or DUS Riggs). One month should give a new recruit enough time to determine whether DUS is definitely for them for the long term.

DUS in turn, ONLY wants members that have every intention of staying for years and that appreciate what DUS has to offer them in return, hence wearing our DUS Badge is the ultimate sign of respect and pride. We’re not a serious group in terms of competitiveness, but we are serious about who and what we are – we are what we wear.

The other benefits from having a united form of gamer tag include:

  • Appear as a formidable force no matter what game we team up in
  • Appear professional
  • Inspire questions from others who notice that we’re part of a professional group
  • Can easily refer new recruits to our friends list so that they can add anyone who’s GT starts with DUS
  • You will then be entitled to enlist in clan battles and tournaments

DUS Activity Requirements:

DUS isn’t only about gaming on XBL, it’s also about sharing in the DUS Community as a whole, and to allow us to all do this – we created our own website (Headquarters). It’s taken a lot of effort to get our HQ to where it is, so do us the courtesy of visiting HQ as frequently as possible.

Headquarters Activity Should Include:
  • A visit to HQ once every 4 weeks minimum, to post something - anything - (even if it’s just a ‘Hi, I’m still alive’ post in the shoutbox).
  • If there is ZERO activity recorded over any 1 month period without any notice given in the "Leave” forum, then your membership will be terminated.

Xbox LIVE Activity Should Include:
  • Teaming up with other DUS members whenever possible. Sometimes gamers like chilling on our own and that’s ok – just use HQ to announce that’s what you’re up to and to stay connected with the team.

Extended Leave
Real life is always going to stop us from gaming at some stage, but this doesn’t mean that you have to retire from DUS, or even worse, just drop and run.

Simply hit the "Absence of Leave” forum and post a thread telling everyone what’s going on and roughly how long you think you’ll be. We’re happy to be flexible, after all we’re all about keeping our members for the long haul, and being an ‘older’ group of gamers, we can sympathise and understand what real life can be all about.

DUS Training Sessions:

DUS run organised training groups from time to time. You will see regular games nights and other activities in our Calendar. These are usually organised by our Weapon Masters (see further below). When a new game comes out we’ll use these training sessions to familiarise ourselves with maps, game types and callouts etc. We may also go through tricks and tactics to enhance overall skills in these sessions, but should you want to further pick up your skill– don’t hesitate to ask any of the Leader ranks for help.

Competitive Play

  • We are members of the likes of Cybergamer and ACL Pro and have held Top 5 positions
  • We have regular inter clan skirmishes
  • We participate in inter clan tournaments and competitions

So if any of this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place.

Casual Play
  • Constant match making get togethers
  • Other non-core games played with DUS members
  • In house DUS competitions

So if any of this sounds like you, then you’re still in the right place.

DUS Ranking and Medals:

Those members who wish to give back a bit extra to DUS can work their way up to an Officer Rank (Weapon Master, General and Field Marshall). You can view the current list of members and affiliates here.

You are someone we already know and are more than welcome to hang out with us, invite us to mixers, skirmishes and anything else we’d be interested in. Please introduce yourself in our forums. You have a specific "Affiliates” forum that you can post events in, and feel free to comment on any other threads in other forums.

You have started off on one hell of an adventure and you’ve found a virtual family that’s hard to beat. You’ve got 14 days to show us that your mad keen to be a part of DUS.

Congratulations! You’ve passed your induction and made it through your 14 day probation; you have now earned the rank of Recruit. From here you will have a further month, to fully commit yourself to the DUS cause. If DUS is for you (and I find it hard to see why it wouldn’t be), then you shouldn’t have any issues in abiding by the few rules and regulations that we have (such as the DUS Gamertag Prefix). I hope to see you here for the long haul.

So you’re here to stay! Brilliant! To have ranked up to Spartan, you have obviously proven yourself worthy. By being active and changing your gamer tag to include the DUS Badge (DUS Prefix). You are now able to participate in inter clan battles, skirmishes, competitions and tournaments. Keep doing what you do best and enjoy the new team you’ve become a solid part of.

So you've been active for 9 months or more and are loving what DUS is all about, well its only natural that you'd start moving up the ranks yeah?

To obtain the rank of Colonel, simply takes time. It’s purely a sign that you have been with us and active for 24 months. Congratulations, you are now successful part of the furniture.

Weapon Master - Officer
These guys will help ease you into the greater DUS population within the game(s) of your choice. They'll show you around XBL parties and gaming events and they'll show you around our website (HQ) also. Upon singing up for DUS our Recruitment Officer (DUS Joaby) will pair you up with one of these guys to learn the ropes. You will also earn this rank after being with DUS for 3 years.
General - Officer
These are our DUS Administrators, people with specific roles within DUS:
Field Marshall - Officer
These are our Founding and Veteran members, and have shown long term dedication. Relentlessly bringing a vibrant energy to DUS. These guys will often fill in multiple roles and step up to fill holes when and where needed. To qualify for the rank of Field Marshall - you must meet the following criteria:
  • Member of DUS for 4+ years
  • Must have held a Weapon Master or General rank during that time (or similar if structure changes over time)
  • Must be currently active in the DUS community

Admiral - DUS GREEDY
The Admiral rank is an extension of the Reclaimer. All important changes are discussed between the Admiral and Reclaimer (if they aren’t otherwise opened to the whole of DUS).

The Admiral is more than capable of handling everything and filling in for the Reclaimer and is the natural successor to keep DUS going should anything ever happen to the Reclaimer (not that I hope this happens unexpectedly - but hey we have a future proof plan here). The Admiral also has full admin privileges and authorities to the same level as the Reclaimer, hence he can fill in where ever needed. The Admiral is also an Assembly Member @ GGN.

Reclaimer - Founder - DUS SOULWOUND
Basically the Reclaimer does what-ever he thinks needs doing. He keeps the ball rolling and the clock ticking. He is the driving force and creative mind behind DUS. He operates with a "See a need….Fill a need” methodology, and having created DUS – he knows how to tackle most things (not all, I’m always learning).

The Admiral and Reclaimer process ALL new membership applications. I’ve also been known to write the odd short story, that includes members of DUS as the main characters. These stories are simply known as "Our Story” (you can find them in our forums once you attain the rank of Recruit). The Reclaimer holds a Security Council Seat @ GGN.

DUS Medals
DUS has its own range of medals that each member can earn during their time here with us. You can view any of your awarded medals to the left of your profile screen (and those of your fellow mates). You start earning medals as soon as you hit Recruit. Check them out here.

Feel free to add your own ideas for medals in the same thread (We recently added some specific Destiny DUS medals). IF you feel that your deserving of a few medals please get in touch with DUS Duck Jnr – who will assist in awarding them to you.

DUS Support Team:

Anytime and Anywhere
We’re also very big on supporting our members, it’s what friends do. Our HQ offers a private messaging service, so if you ever need to speak to anyone privately feel free to do so. Not matter what the issue - real life or gaming related – please know that you can speak to us. 

Being a member of DUS means you’re hanging out with people that care, always remember that.

In Summary

  • DUS is a gaming lifestyle - a virtual family, where you will come to know everyone by their real names
  • You’ll know what makes each other tick - we’re all good friends here
  • We are casual at heart but have a competitive streak also
  • We cater for gamers who want to ‘own’ in matchmaking or who want to feel like their part of something special
  • We cater for the casual gamer as well as the competitive gamer - so in effect we cater for all gamers, so long as they’re a good person and easy to get along with
  • We’re structured, professional and have pride in what we are and we welcome you to the team.
  • We’re all about Quality NOT Quantity!

Remember - War's not about who’s RIGHT - It’s about who’s LEFT!