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DUS Update #4 - Week of April 2nd 2017

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Week of April 2nd 2017

It hit me exactly one hour ago that I hadn't written this up today... lucky I'd saved at least some progress hey? Welcome though, to the fourth edition of the DUS Weekly Update. This week there's plenty to get through as always - the usual Destiny, TF2, ME:A with the slight new addition here and there. Just wanted to make particular mention of everyone who sets aside the time to read through these also, makes creating them all the more enjoyable!

On the not of reading, make sure to keep a keen eye on my shouts over the next month - more changes to the site to look forward to! Hope that everyone has had a swell weekend, that you're all well, and that your week might be a ripper! Kick back and enjoy.


Bioware's Master Plan for Moving Forward
So it's no secret, Mass Effect: Andromeda has had mixed reviews since it has launched. Game breaking bugs on the PC, some questionable animations, instances of quests not clearing properly, the notorious DA:I banter bug returning - basically everything that can go wrong for an RPG with Andromeda's size and scope. For me personally I haven't let these ruin the game for me and am fondly exploring the Nexus as we speak, but for those waiting for a patch I have some excellent news; it's already well on its way. Bioware revealed recently that;

Bioware Twitter Statement wrote:

"We've received quite a bit of feedback, some of it positive and some of it critical. That feedback is an important part of our ongoing support of the game, and we can't wait to share more of our immediate plans with you on Tuesday, April 4th. Our team is listening, working around the clock to gather information and plan out solutions to improve and build on Mass Effect: Andromeda."

More information on the patch (as stated above) will be released this week on April 4th alongside new information about the future DLCs of the game.


Age of Triumph is Live
Those who have visied Destiny lately will know all too well that Bungie's swansong event Age of Triumph has begun. Featuring the largest record book to date, Age of Triumph celebrates the journey players have taken over the years with new weapons and armor, revamped raids and strikes, an increased rotation of featured multiplayer playlists and too much more to name in under 100 bullet points, the event is a fitting sendoff to the game as Destiny 2 looms on the horizon. If you haven't already dived into it, there will be a short 900mb Xbox One update required before you can start racking up those commendations.

Destiny 2 - September 8th 2017
Has been pretty well advertised in the past week. After looking around on Reddit and XBL I wouldn't exactly say there is a massive hype-train-like response compared to the first game, many people not wanting to risk a repeat of 2014 that is. Despite this, looking back over on and at the material being released around YouTube I'm remaining slightly optimistic about Destiny 2.

Below is the cinematic trailer which was released online this week (of which I highly recommend due to Cayde again) for you to get more of an insight as to what is to come. The trailer also provides some neat justification as to why your weapons etc. will not be carrying over between games, and teases the latest threat to The Tower and Traveler:


Premium Friends - DLC
It's been on the cards for many weeks, but get used to seeing this section in the weekly update from here on in. First up for Battlefield 1 is the news this week of the new 'Premium Friends' system that DICE will be using to start bringing the player population back together. Announced to work with the "They Shall Not Pass" DLC currently, the system will let any player partied up with a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass member play across all the expansion maps. That's a pretty good deal, but also means you have to be pretty damn kind to whoever your mate is.

If you or one of your buddies owns the pass, your party should automatically become "Premium Enabled". It doesn't give the whole party complete access, however - there are still some restrictions for players who don't personally own the Premium Pass:

  • You can't earn XP from DLC maps if you don't own the associated expansion or Premium Pass - however, the game will remember the XP you earned and award it retroactively if you do ever make the purchase.
  • You can't spawn into the match with weapons or vehicles that were added as part of the expansion - you can still pilfer them off of dead players once your boots are on the ground.
  • You won't gain progress toward any medals or codexes introduced in the expansion - unlike XP, it doesn't sound like it's awarded retroactively.


Colony Reborn DLC
Respawn Entertainment. What an amazing company. Not only do they hand out great DLC, but it's free - the latest of which has dropped this week. Colony Reborn features one new multiplayer map (Colony), one new primary weapon (R-101) as well as another execution (Curb Check).

As with any content update, Respawn has also tweaked various areas of gameplay across PS4, Xbox One and PC. The patch notes for those who are interested are summarised below:

New Features and Changes:

  • Featured Mode Colony 24/7 Mix of Modes
  • Added Random Pilot Execution option. This will choose a random execution out of the ones you have unlocked.
  • Advocate Gifts will now default to rewarding random cosmetic items instead of credits. This should help players who primarily play one type of loadout get more cosmetic rewards

Coliseum Improvements
Added new introduction ceremony
Added 9 new victory animations
Player now automatically wins Coliseum match if opponent disconnects

Gameplay Fixes
  • Fixed bug in Angel City where embarking into your Titan in certain spots would lead to player death
  • Various fixes to improve overall movement
  • Various improvements to Pilot melee
  • Amped Wall fixes
  • Silence Pistols are now properly amped
  • Arc Grenades can now be thrown through the passable side of the Amped Wall.
  • Fixed issue with Inner Pieces so executed Pilot is facing the same way as the execution
  • Fixed some issues with weapon drops during executions
  • Fixed the sidearm dropping from the stim execution
  • Fixed 180 degree bug with executions.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t move after Northstar’s execution
  • Fixed Titans warping to the floor when disembarking in mid-air
  • Fixed bug in Coliseum where holding down ordnance button between rounds would cause player to spawn on same side as their enemy
  • Fixed a bug that could cause rodeoing pilots to not be hit by Electric Smoke.
  • Various Faction Leader announcement fixes when executing rodeo
  • Various improvements to Titan nose art issues
  • Adjusted disembark to better handle disembarking onto a raised platform

HUD/Menu Fixes
  • Added player level to callsign cards during killcam
  • HUD options menu now displays proper value for 2d/3d damage indicator settings
  • Player gen of 2.09 no longer incorrectly displays as 2.9
  • Fixed bug in Live Fire so flag icon now displays properly during killcam and spectator mode
  • Fixed custom loadout names sometimes showing wrong text

  • Fixed bug where you would still get an option to buy after purchasing Angel City’s Most Wanted Bundle
  • Various stability improvements

Various balancing has also been introduced for titans, weapons, specific game modes and pilot boosts.

DUS Clip of the Week:
Which this week goes to Unknown Haze with one hectic game of Onyx FFA in Halo 5. To all those who have been madly recording clips on the Xbox One - keep it up, not far away from figuring the game DVR system out in terms of embedding it into the update!

Previous Editions of the Weekly Update:
Miss an update? Want to revisit something? Not a problem. Each week I'll be updating this list so members can quickly navigate back to an earlier update for reference or catchup. As always, I'd love to hear from members in terms of new features for each week to keep things fresh and interesting. Feel free to flick me a PM on the website or over XBL throughout the week and we'll work to incorporate it into the update. Hope everyone's had a swell week - here's to the next one!


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We'll 2 things from this update....

1. That was Awesome Haze, nail biting stuff right there.

2. Destiny 2.......Hmmmm Bungie Trailers are pretty darn cool IMO.

Great update yet again Hawk, keep it up :thumb:
Posted Apr 7, 17
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Nice work again Hawk. It's now my 1 stop gaming news fix
Posted Apr 9, 17
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Need moar clips from me .. otherwise great work again
Posted Apr 10, 17
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Another killer update Hawk!!
Posted Apr 10, 17
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Wicked stuff hawk the research that goes into these posts are on point :) Thanks for putting me in clip of the week aswell
Posted Apr 10, 17