1. Headquarters Maitenance 

You asked for it, we're giving it to you! Over the course of November the HQ will be receiving some much needed love in the form of regualr updates. During this time members should expect that there will be occasional interruptions to modules, however, in the case of any site-breaking errors please contact either myself, DUS Jaybone or DUS Stevo directly. A list of currently known issues and areas we will be working on has been crafted below – should any member wish to add directly to this I advise contacting myself as soon as possible. 

Known Issues: 

  • Some members have been experencing incorrect page redirects when using the main navigation bar 
  • Some users have been unable to post in the forum without first confirming form re-submission; users should be able to post without having to do this 
  • Some members have noted they have been incorrectly assigned website tags and/or ranks. This is currently being investigated. 
  • Some new members have expressed they are unable to interact with certain aspects of the application form

Issues Fixed (as of November 6th): 

  • Fixed an issue with the application form whereby some users were unable to interact with certain question checkboxes 
  • Fixed an issue preventing members viewing pages that should be available to them 
  • Fixed an issue allowing unauthorised access of former members to sensitive areas of the website 
  • Fixed an issue with the members tab where new members could not be directed to Xbox LIVE profiles 
  • Fixed an issue where new members were not having their information from Enjin update on the DUS Headquarters 

Planned Upgrades (as of November 6th): 

  • Member List Cleanup (In-Progress)
  • Member rank adjustments (Pending)
  • About DUS page access (Pending)
  • Forum Update (Pending)
  • Calendar Overhaul (Pending)
  • DUS Team Store (Pending)